Rachel Hinojosa

Rachel Hinojosa has been playing violin for 11 years and piano for 13 years. As a child she knew that music would forever be a part of her life. At the age of 10, she took private piano lessons and by the age of 12, was inspired by her younger sister to pursue playing the violin. Luckily her middle school offered music classes and by the 7th grade she joined the string orchestra while still balancing private piano lessons. As she moved into her high school years, Miss Hinojosa made the decision to continue her love for music and the performing arts. Instead of going to a traditional high school, she enrolled at Santa Susan Performing Arts High School in Simi Valley. She was in string orchestra, piano class, music theory class, and production orchestra throughout her time in high school. A part of being in the string and production orchestra, Rachel had the opportunity in competing in yearly national competitions located in San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Hawaii winning and placing with other national high school orchestras. Being a part of the production orchestra also allowed her to be a part of the musical theater department in participating in musicals such as “Singing In The Rain”, “The Boyfriend”, and “Beauty and the Beast”. During her senior year, she became the orchestras Concert Master taking on solos, leading the orchestra, and earning the National Orchestra Award for the Class of 2008.

Rachel loves to teach both violin and piano because she loves seeing students learn and grow as musicians. Without having passion, music is nothing but a note. One of the challenges she faces with working with a student is making sure that they understand the music theory behind the music.

In both violin and piano lessons, her students will be musically educated and know music theory. She believes in the importance of music theory and will help connect the dots in understanding how music sounds the way that it does. Students in her music class will be taught music theory, scales, tunes, but most importantly playing their instrument with passion whole heartedly.

(This music class meets throughout the month offering 4-hour sessions

and must be completed within the month as classes are sold in Monthly Bundles)

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