Harold Drum

Harold Franklin

Mr. Franklin has been playing drums for the past 10 years. One thing that you will learn about him is that he has never had a drum lesson. Growing up in the music industry since the age of 8, Harold has always wanted to play drums but never acted on it. What was remarkable about Harold is that while listening to some of his favorite artist he would try to mimic the rhythm and play their music on the drums. At that moment he realized that he had a special talent and that he could listen to ANY song and play it exactly the same way all by ear.

For the past 6 years he’s had the pleasure of traveling with a popular band known as Press Play. His travels has taken him around the country experiencing different places and cultures playing in front of thousands.

Harold loves to empower young people. Instead of doing things that may lead them into trouble he encourages them through music to do something that may turn into a career. Nothing pleases him more than seeing his students doing what they love.

In this class Mr. Franklin will be teaching the fundamentals and all the tools that one needs to know on how to be a drummer and how to be a “better” drummer if you have already had previous drum lessons. Harold is so excited and looking forward to working with his future students and making history.

(This music class meets throughout the month offering 4-hour  sessions

and must be completed within the month as classes are sold in Monthly Bundles)

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