Pricing Information

3 hours of Acting Introductory Classes for $99

Screen Actors Guild Package: $250/$525 monthly w/Celebrity Teacher Erika Eleniak

Golden Globe Package: $475/$1000  for 2 months w/Celebrity Teacher Erika Eleniak

Oscars Package: $1700 3 months w/Celebrity Teacher Erika Eleniak

COMBINED Modeling & Commercial Workshop: $300/$150(Modeling), $150(Commercial)

Industry Workshop: $300

Musik Korner- Mozart Effect Piano: $370 Bundle of lessons:  4 hrs – MONTHLY

Musik Korner- Mozart Effect Violin: $370 Bundle of lessons: 4 hrs – MONTHLY

Musik Korner- Rock-it Nation Drums: $370 Bundle of lessons: 4 hrs – MONTHLY

Musik Korner- Rock-it Nation Guitar: $370 Bundle of lessons: 4 hrs – MONTHLY

Musik Korner- Rock-it Nation Music Vocal Lessons: $370 Bundle of lessons: 4 hrs – MONTHLY

 Private Coaching for Acting OR Musical Performance: $130 1 hr

Enrollment/Payment Policies

Prices vary according to class. For a full understanding of what each course entails, an open audition is required before enrollment at the Studio.

Please note that prices are subject to change. The following pricing is current as of October 1, 2017

All payments must be made before the start of the first class. Students may not attend class or put up work in a class until payment is received in full. We do not sell partial months or partial classes. Payments are not per-class, but rather per-course.

Payments may be made to the office or to your class Stage Manager.

We are currently accepting the following forms of payment:

Personal or Business Check drawn on a U.S.-based bank*


A $20.00 returned-check fee will be assessed for all returned checks. After 2 returned checks, we reserve the right to request payment in cash.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, particularly and especially those who do not adhere to our payment policies, who attempt to attend class without paying, and those who stop payment on checks made in payment for classes.

Refund Policy

The only course for which we offer refunds is the 12-Week Foundation Course, as follows:

The $250.00 deposit for enrollment in the 12-Week Foundation Course is fully refundable provided both the following criteria are met:

1) The student notifies the office via email at: or via telephone at 1-800-ACT-1963 no later than 3 business days prior to the first class of the course; and 2) We are able to fill the student’s spot in the course

If both these criteria are met, refunds will be made as follows:

For cash or check payments, we will issue a check and send via U.S. mail to an address specified by the student (please allow 10 business days’ processing time);

For credit card payments, we will issue a full credit on the same card used to make the original payment. Please note that Credit Card information is NOT held on file and we will require the information again from the student.

For All Other Courses

We do not offer refunds other than for the initial deposit for the Foundation Acting Course, as noted above.

We do not sell partial courses or single classes, and we do not pro-rate class fees based on attendance, including for classes missed for any reason. No refunds or credits will be issued for classes not taken.

Absence/Make-Up Policy

The Foundation Acting Course has a strict absence policy: Students may not miss any of the first class meeting, and may not miss more than 1 class during the first 6-week module (Foundation Course) and 1 class during the second 6-week module (Foundation Course).

Students in good financial standing who must miss more than 1 class during the first 6-week module may re-take the entire first 6-week module (with the instructor’s permission) at no additional charge within 6 months of the date of stopping the course, provided the student notifies the office by email at: or by telephone at 1-800-ACT-1963 at least 1 week prior to the start of the make-up 6-week module.

Students in good financial standing who miss more than 1 class during the second 6-week module may make arrangements with the instructor to either re-take the entire module, or to make up the missed classes, at the instructor’s discretion.

Absences from Other Courses

Absences from All classes offered may not be made up, refunded, credited, or pro-rated. We do not sell partial-month classes.

Parent Pick-up Policy

We have a Closed Door Policy at the academy when class is in session. Parents are asked to drop-off child or  welcome to remain in the lobby. Child MUST picked up at the end of class PROMPTLY. We have private sessions immediately after class on occassion so we ask that you please respect teacher and their time.

12-hour Cancellation Policy for Private Acting & Music Classes

Classes are reserved through the entire month that is scheduled. However, due to increased demand AND an increase in last minute cancellations we will be fully enforcing our 12 hour cancellation notice POLICY!!! We do ask for a courtesy 24 hour cancellation if able too.

If you cancel right before a class, it keeps other students from getting into a private scheduled lesson. If you do not give 12 hours notice, it will be treated as a missed lesson and you will be billed for the lesson missed.