Whether it would be a personal vocal recording or musical instrument performance of your child singing or playing
his or her favorite Current Cover Song or Holiday Song, this truly would be the BEST Holiday Gift anyone could ever receive! 
Record your favorite 
Current or Holiday 
Cover Song 
Current Cover Song or Holiday Cover Song Vocal Recording 
Your child will sing and/or play his or her favorite Current Cover Song or Holiday Cover song(s) at The Musik Korner here at the academy.
Work with Hollywood Music Producer with more than a 100 Independent and World Wide Music Productions under his belt in the last 17 years. He’s been working in the Music Productions of many Big Stars and Celebrities like Katy Perry, Rusell Brand, Usher, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Beiber, Juanes, Fonseca, Reik and many more. Currently working at Capitol Records, Universal Music Group and a Variety of Music Studios in Hollywood like, Record Plant, Westlake Studios, Conway, Night Bird Studios, Paramount Studios and The Village.
Record TODAY and have it in time to share with your family and friends during the upcoming holiday season.
Here’s what you get:
-Music Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering
-Digital Distribution to iTunes and other
music downloadable sites.
-A Music recording that will last a lifetime
-(10) Professional Music CD Replication prototype of the CD to give to family and friends.
 (Non-manufactured CD)
PLEASE NOTE: If there’s more than four artist recordings, we will go ahead and make it into a Holiday Song Compilation CD.
Book & Pay for session in FULL no later than November 5th and receive a discount.
Don’t DELAY! Contact us TODAY!!!
In studio to record immediately!
Deadline NOVEMBER 15TH, 2017 in order for music 
to be up digitally on the web.

Two or more songs per vocalist, a discount will apply.
Credit cards accepted.
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