CoreyFrom a young age, Cory Smith has been passionate about music. Growing up with studio musician and producer Ed Smith as a father, Cory was not only always surrounded by great music, but began being mentored and trained on piano and drums when he was eight years old.

His musical growth continued from elementary school through high school, as he consistently pursued a wide variety of musical endeavors, from composition, to honor orchestras and jazz bands to teaching music. These musical endeavors became some of Cory’s proudest musical accomplishments during this season of his life. In 2011, Cory was the timpanist chair for the All-State California Honor Orchestra. In 2012, he was the drum set chair for the All-State California Honor Jazz Band.

Cory pursued and completed a Bachelor’s Degree of Commercial Music with and Emphasis in Composition and Arranging at Azusa Pacific University from Fall 2012 through Spring 2016. During this time, he was mentored in composition, arranging, drums, piano, voice, audio recording, songwriting, orchestration, scoring for film, the music business, and the list goes on and on. Throughout the course of his studies, Cory continued to teach music, arrange and compose, and record for various artists. The end of his college career was celebrated with his Composition and Arranging Senior Recital, where Cory got to share his music with those he loved in a live setting. Cory views this important event in his music career as just the beginning of a lifetime of getting to create music that will bring people joy and peace.

Since graduating from APU, Cory resides in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where he teaches piano, drums, voice, and guitar at The Acting Academy & Musik Korner.