Chris HillerChris has been in the business for around 17 years. Leading roles in around 20 shows and musicals. Winning in 16 acting and improv contests on a All State level. He started acting when he was in middle school being one of the only kids ever who was able to be in multiple plays at once. From there his love for acting grew past the walls of school. He branched out to take acting into a competition level. Before he knew it he was in multiple shows across the state, had competitions going on, active with improv, and directing.

He started coaching while still in high school, teaching at his old middle school improv and assisting with plays. Shortly after he graduated high school (4 months) he was an acting coach at a different high school including plays, competition acting, and improv. His teaching continued from middle school, to high school, to college, and private mentoring for many years. Chris has been fortunate enough to teach all ages ranging from 4 to 40.

Acting is his first love. One of the first things he really was complemented on as a kid. Knowing how much of an impact that was on his life, he attempted to bring that to all the students that he works with to this day. Mr. Hiller wants them to experience the joy of the expression acting allows, but also to have the confidence with who they are as an individual.